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Today we are going to be looking at a California (CA) Title 24 Restroom Sign. If you have ever visited or if you live in California, you may have noticed two signs to identify restrooms to the public, one on the wall and one on the door. Federal law requires the standard wall-mounted sign; California also requires a geometric restroom door sign.

What’s Wrong?

The Ca Title 24 Restroom Sign is strictly meant to be mounted on the door of a restroom. This location has mounted their Ca Title 24 Restroom Door Sign on a wall next to the hallway entrance which leads to the restrooms.  

How should the Ca Title 24 Restroom Door Sign be mounted?updated-door-placement-image-20190424

The CA Title 24 Restroom Door Sign should be:

- Centered Horizontally on the Door

- At a height of 58 inches minimum and 60 inches maximum above the finished floor/ground surface

- The Ca title 24 Restroom Door Sign must contrast with the door which you are mounting it on

The tactile wall sign marked should be located alongside the entry, with tactile text and California spaced, grade 2 Braille. Optional is a pictogram placed in a 6" field directly above the copy, and an ISA symbol if the restroom is wheelchair accessible.

Why are there different geometric signs?

Each of the geometric shapes has a specific meaning to California and helps provide additional accessibility to people with visual impairments. In addition to the contrasting with door the sign is mounted on, with a Non-Gender Specific | Single Use | Family sign (a triangle on a circle), the two shapes must contrast from one another. This means you need to visually see the difference, similar to the examples below (and another thing wrong with that picture!).

  • For Female restrooms the signage must be a circle, 12" in diameter, and 1/4" thick;
  • For Male restrooms the signage must be a 12" equilateral triangle, and 1/4" thick;
  • For single use or Family restrooms, the sign must be a 1/4" thick triangle, superimposed on a 1/4" thick circle that is 12" in diameter.

The importance of the Ca Title 24 Sign is not what is printed on the sign, but the shapes!

Female | Women | Girls
Blank Ca Title 24 Circle Restroom Door Sign in Standard Blue

Ca Title 24 Women Restroom Door Sign in Standard BlueCa Title 24 Girls Restroom Door Sign in Standard Blue

Male | Men | Boys


Non-Gender Specific | Single Use | Family

digital-blank-triangle-on-circle-door-sign-ca-title-24-alpha-dog-ada-signs-800px-800pxca title 24 restrooms door sign



How would we make this situation ADA Compliant?

Instead of using a Ca Title 24 Restroom Door Sign on the wall we would want to use one of the wall-mounted restroom signs. Since these signs are usually square or rectangular they can sometimes seem generic; this location may have wanted a sign that would stand out.

Making sure that there is a balance between good design and an ADA Compliant sign is the key. There are small and big ways which that can be accomplished. 

Standard Blue

restrooms standard blue with braille

Black w/ Custom Elements

Restroom sign 8x8 with custom elements

 Custom Branding & Layered Sign



Important Details About the Ca Title 24 Sign

As rules and regulations change it is important to keep updated with the current standards and requirements. As of 04.24.2019 Ca Title 24 Restroom Door Signs require:

  • In Part 7 (11B-703. ) of the Supplement Significant Changes to the CBC 2016 Edition there was a modification to how the edges and vertices on geometric symbols of your sign should appear. If you have sharp edges on your sign; that sign is not compliant.
    • Edges shall be eased or rounded at 1/16 inch (1.59 mm) minimum, or chamfered at 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) maximum.
    • Vertices shall have a radius between 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) minimum and 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) maximum.
  • The Ca Title 24 Restroom Door Sign does not require Grade 2 Braille and tactile graphics, but we allow the option to include Braille and tactile characters on your sign if you or your inspector wants them.


Making sure you are using the right sign is very important when it comes to making a business ADA compliant. Asking questions from the company which you purchase the signs and your local inspectors can make the difference when it comes to passing an inspection!

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