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Choosing the Right Material, 3 Questions to Ask!

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 25 Oct 2018

In the last couple of blog posts, we have been discussing the importance of design and what features you can add to your ADA signage while still being compliant. While the design is essential and other specifications like the size and the total number of signs needed are crucial there are a few details that sometimes get missed and can cause issues with your ADA signage down the road.

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Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 15 Oct 2018

ADA Restroom Signage Requirements

As we continue our What's Wrong Series? we found another business with an interesting way to display their Restroom Sign.

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What Does PMS Color Match Mean And What is The Process?

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 03 Oct 2018
So, why are we talking about color matching? In our recent blog posts, we discussed adding custom colors (like branded colors) to your ADA Signage. It is essential to understand what goes into PMS Color Matching or Color Approximating depending on the machinery which the sign is printed on.  
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Custom ADA Signs: Add some Bling, Color Edition!

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 27 Sep 2018
A common question we get about ADA signs is about color. Customers are often surprised to learn that their required Braille signs don't have to be blue. Besides having color choices, you can add elements to ADA signage to identify your brand, compliment your area's design, or personalize the  area
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Technology Update: Direct Color Systems (DCS) Receives the Third Patent for ADA-Compliant/Braille Sign Printing Process

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 18 Sep 2018
When it comes to the technology Alpha Dog ADA Signs believes that along with a finely tuned process, having the correct machinery to complete the process is the key. We are excited to announce that DCS received their third patent which gives us the comfort that we are utilizing a system that is leading edge and ensures ADA compliance. 
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5 Reasons Your Signs Are Not ADA Compliant

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 10 Sep 2018

Every day, ADA compliant signs are designed, specified, and fabricated. Some of these signs are fabricated right and others not so much. The guidelines for ADA signs are not that complicated, but there are key requirements that must be followed to meet ADA signage standards. 

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Growing Our Business So You Can Do More

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 25 Jul 2018

A little halfway through 2018, the Alpha Dog Team has been working behind the scenes on some huge changes. We are excited to announce our recent move to a larger location. Our new shop at 8413 Washington Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678 has doubled our space!

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Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 13 Jun 2018

ADA Exit Door Signage Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has precise requirements for the signs that must be displayed at exit doors. However, violations of the exit sign requirements are frequently seen.

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Show Some Style with ADA Signs

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 25 May 2018

Have you ever put much thought into those required ADA signs you’ll need (yawn…)??

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The Mystery of California Title 24 Restroom Door Signs

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 30 Apr 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the Federal Rules and Regulations of ADA Restroom signs. This week we will focus on California State specific regulations, Chapter 11B, section 07 of the California Building Code, and help ensure you are compliant in the Golden State.

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