Custom ADA Signs: Add Some Bling, Texture Edition!

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 02 Nov 2018

In another edition of Custom ADA Signs, we take a more in-depth look at adding textures to your ADA Signage. In a previous post, we discussed the possibility of custom colors either by substrate combination or PMS Color Approximation (which included a recent project as an example).

Textures are a great way to add visual depth to a sign, make your signage stand out, or even add branded pieces like logos or your favorite symbol. Like the rules about color contrast, the textures cannot interfere with the legibility of the braille or raised tactile. 

custom-color-options-flower-pattern-exit-sign-color-typesTexture by Pattern

If you have a favorite pattern, use it! Yes, with our D.C.S. Printers we can print depth based upon a pattern you add.

The digital rendering of the ADA Exit Sign with a floral pattern at the top and bottom is a great way to make your ADA signs stand out. Adding additional colors to the pattern is also available. 


custom-color-options-squares-color-typesAdding by Shapes

Personally, I like the ability to achieve a single end goal in various ways. If you don't have a favorite patterning using shapes like squares or even stars is a great way to add texture to your ADA Signs. 

A simple checkered pattern can go a long way when enhancing your signs. With many shapes you can do a unique layering to give your sign additional textured depth. 


L4-ada-braille-stairs-sign-laser-68_stairs showing texture, laser engraved out

Adding by Image

Having access to the internet I  have come across a few websites that are great for free high resolution textures. With a little image manipulation you can take that textured image and add it to the background of your ADA sign.

Textures such as glass, concrete, wood, and even water are great for adding a little flare. Companies that specialize in certain topics like the ones listed above have many choices when it comes to the types of textures they can use. 


fitness-room-custom-symbol-ada-braille-sign-20180910Adding by Logo/Symbol

In a couple of weeks we will be talking about other ways to add some bling to your ADA signage by including a logo. For this week we are going to cover the possibility of adding a textured logo/symbol to your signs to just add that final touch.

Having branded ADA signage is a great way to connect your brand to your required ADA signage. Many businesses has included their branding by layered printing or by adding a texture to their logo/symbol. 


Since there are countless ways to visual enhance your ADA signage it is important to work with a company that understands the rule/regulations and also understands the importance of different visual elements.

If you are looking to learn more about Alpha Dog ADA Signs you can check out our ADA Signage Gallery to view a variety of different ADA compliant signage. 


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