Custom ADA Signs: Add some Bling, Logo Edition!

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 07 Nov 2018

You've spent time, money, and effort making sure that your business branding is perfect. You've spent hours on the typography and colors to make the perfect logo for your business (or you are working with a company who has done all of this). Even the walls are painted to match your branding.

Now, here comes those ADA signs. Those blue, brandless ADA signs. Wrong!

Your ADA signs are begging for some attention with custom colors, textures, and even that logo you spent hours on making sure was perfect. As long as your ADA signage meets both Federal and State (if any) requirements you are able to bling up your ADA signage.

Sadly, it is still a stigma that ADA required signage must be blue. We are here to give you a little hope that there is light at the end of the ADA signage tunnel! There is a benefit as a business to have branded ADA signs. Having ADA compliant signage that is also branded lets your customers know that you want to be accessible to all and you are taking that extra time to make sure everyone's experience is equally great.

Below you will find some great examples of companies who went the extra step with their ADA signs!

Branded ADA Signage - Get Motivated

Motivate Gym: Branded Colors, Addition of Logo and Symbol, and Branded Quote!
See the full process for Motivate Gym in our Custom ADA Signs: Add Some Bling, Color Edition blog post!

 fitness-room-custom-logo-ada-braille-sign-20180910  room-id-motivate-gym-20180909-alpha-dog-ada-signs-portfolio-450px-500px


Branded ADA Signage - Splat

Orange Theory Fitness: Branded Colors, Addition of Logo and Symbol, and Branded Quote!

 Step 1: Branded Colorsorange-theory-fitness-ada-sign-render--no-logo-8x8  Step 2: Addition of Splatorange-theory-fitness-small-spat-20181008-300px-300px


Step 4: Final Project (update image)



Branded ADA Signage - Directional

Basin City Children's Clinic: Logo, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Inserts for Directional.



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