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Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 13 Jun 2018

ADA Exit Door Signage Requirements

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has precise requirements for the signs that must be displayed at exit doors. However, violations of the exit sign requirements are frequently seen.

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Show Some Style with ADA Signs

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 25 May 2018

Have you ever put much thought into those required ADA signs you’ll need (yawn…)??

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The Mystery of California Title 24 Restroom Door Signs

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 30 Apr 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the Federal Rules and Regulations of ADA Restroom signs. This week we will focus on California State specific regulations, Chapter 11B, section 07 of the California Building Code, and help ensure you are compliant in the Golden State.

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Custom Color ADA Signs: No More Blue and White Color?

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 10 Apr 2018

It's officially Spring. The storms have passed, and warm colors are starting to show. All of this vibrancy has got us thinking about other things in beautiful color -- YOUR ADA SIGNS!!

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ADA Signs Rules and Regulations: Guide to Avoiding a $75k Fine

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 05 Apr 2018

On March 28th, 2014, the U.S Department of Justice released a Final Rule, that would increase the maximum civil penalty for a first violation under title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) from $55,000 to $75,000. A second fine could cost you upwards of $150,000! The cost of a civil penalty fine is far greater than the cost to have the correct signage. We've complied a...

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When Do ADA Signs need Braille?

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 02 Mar 2018

A common question customers ask us is whether or not their ADA Signs need Braille... not all of them do!

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Why "Alpha Dog" ADA Signs?

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 07 Feb 2018

We are often asked, “Why the name ‘ALPHA DOG ADA SIGNS’?”

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ADA Bathroom Sign Height... What Are The Rules?

Posted by Alpha Dog ADA Signs on 19 Jan 2018


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